200 Who are WE?!?

Right? Who made us the experts? Well, they did!

They being the men that we have met along the way. The men that have thanked us and complimented us on our talents and of course our efforts.

I think all of us ladies can agree, it's called a JOB for a reason. But what the instructors of Blow by Blow teach you is to make it seem like less of a job, and more of a skill, and most importantly to get it done right and faster!

Blow by Blow has done the research for you! We have done the trial and error and put in the man hours! We have put all of our years of experience together and have creatived a fun, informative party that you and your girlfriends can learn a thing or two from.

We compiled the basics, the proven sure shots, the innovative and all the cool bells and whistles you may not have thought of before and it's guaranteed to be a BLAST!

When you book a Blow by Blow party, an instructor will be sent to your provided designated location. Parties typically last 1.5 to 2 hours and consist of instruction AND participation by you and your guests. Each lady will be given their own tools to work with, and a variety of tools to choose from!
And don't worry... we won't send you home empty handed. Each lovey lady will receive a Goodie Sack to help you get your job done on your own.

*There are no guest minimums or maximums,
however there is a minimum party fee of $200.


Don't just take our word for it. Here's what is coming out of our clients mouths:

"I wasn't sure what to expect since I have never heard of a blow job party before, but it was really cool! My girlfriends and I didn't want to throw the same bachelorette party that we have been to over and over, so for our bride Christina we booked Blow by Blow. It was so fun and the pictures are going to be the BEST memories!"

-Erin M.

"Blow by Blow! We had a blast sucking on cucumbers and tea bagging water balloons! OMG, too much fun and so many laughs. Such a creative party idea - thank you! And yes, I can say I learned a lot and I actually have more confidence when I'm doing my JOB! HAHA! Thanks again!! "

-Ynea J.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great party on Friday night!  The girls had a great time, and everyone is eager to put their new skills to work, haha :)  We enjoyed all of the goodies [in our gift bags] too.  I work with a bunch of young and crazy girls and will be sure to pass along your website to anyone looking for a fun party!! You were great every step of the way from setting it up, to confirming to the night of."

-Laura E. 

"We just wanted to let you know our "coach" was amazing! [She] was very knowledgeable and so much fun!" "... we loved our "Tea Bag" goodie bags and it the party made for a memorable bachelorette party! I will be recommending this to our next bride in the group!"

-Alisha N.

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